Meat Processing at NSW Casino Halts Due to Covid-19

Northern River, NSW – After an employee of an NSW casino tests positive for Covid-19, the operators decide to stop meatworks inside its restaurants. The employee works in the casino’s food section as a meat processor and is also an admin. As a result, there is a strong suspicion that the Coronavirus is spreading through food. There was no other choice than to stop the meatworks at the casino. The operations will be reviewing systems, protocols, and plans again to avoid any further spreading of the virus. This is, however, not looking like a big problem for the casino.

“An employee notified us late this afternoon that they’d received notification from NSW Health,” Mr. Stahl, the CEO of NSW casino food co-op said.

According to the Casino Food Co-op CEO Simon Stahl, the admin employee suffering from COVID 19 is already in isolation along with 10 of his close contacts. Some of his secondary contacts are also practicing quarantine, just to be safe.

“First off the rank was talk to NSW Health, which we have Local Area Health, and second we were able to contact some close contacts of the employee and notify them of the situation and they’ve gone to get tested and isolate,” says Mr. Stahl. “We enacted straight away from our COVID plan. We’ve got a response team and we got that team together and did what we did according to the plan,” he adds.

The CEO of NSW casino seems thankful that the employee was mainly at the admin department and not at the meat processing area. However, it still does not guarantee the cleanliness of the meat. Therefore, the company took a step to shut down the whole department for cleaning and reviewing safety protocols. They will also be providing more facilities just like the Hollywood Casino York.

Deep Cleaning of The Infected Department

NSW casino
Meat processing at a site

Because of all the concerns, the workers thoroughly cleaned the food department of NSW casino (especially the Admin’s office) this afternoon with Dettol and other disinfectants. This is to ensure safety and practice a clean and healthy environment. Other employees will also be taking the COVID-19 test and getting a second dose of vaccination soon. Moreover, the company will now be taking very strict measures for the prevention of Coronavirus.

On 30th September, the NSW Health Team will be visiting the site tomorrow to examine the scene. “They’ll be doing a risk assessment, they’ll be reviewing our systems, our protocols, and our plan,” Mr. Stahl said.

Furthermore, numerous processors, including one large multi-state operator, notifies Beef Central that they will be applying for their workers to use the rapid antigen tests. People are taking the COVID-19 rapid antigen tests to detect whether they have the SARS COV-2 infection. This is a member of the Coronavirus and the real reason why the virus spreads with direct, indirect, or close contact.

According to Mr. Stahl, some of the experiments are already underway at the NSW Casino meat processor. They can also be used under the supervision of a health care provider.

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