Cancellation of Authorisation for MKC Limited (C-90776)

The Malta Gaming Authority, hereinafter the “Authority”, has decided to cancel the authorisation awarded to MKC Limited (MGA/B2C/761/2019), hereinafter the “Authorised Person”, effective as of 04 May 2023, in terms of regulation 10 of the Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations (S.L. 583.06), hereinafter the “Regulations”.

This sanction is being imposed upon the Authorised Person for having breached regulation 9 (1) (c), (d), (i), (l) and regulation 10 (1) (a) of the Regulations, as per the reasons manifested hereunder: –

  • the Authorised Person has failed to comply with one or more applicable obligations in terms of any regulatory instrument or any other applicable law of Malta;
  • the Authorised Person has failed to discharge financial commitments for its operations;
  • the Authorised Person has failed to meet commitments to players in a timely manner;
  • the Authorised Person has failed to pay in a timely manner all amounts due to the Authority; and
  • one of the grounds for suspension envisaged in regulation 9 arises and the Authority, in its sole discretion, determines that cancellation of the authorisation is the most appropriate measure.

The Authorised Person is thus no longer authorised to carry out any gaming operations and shall remove, with immediate effect, any reference to the Authority and the authorisation.

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