MGA and UK Gambling Commission discuss collaboration in responsible gambling, sports betting integrity and AML

The Malta Gaming Authority has recently met with the UK Gambling Commission to discuss collaborative efforts in the fields of responsible gambling, sports betting integrity and anti-money laundering.

The MGA’s CEO Carl Brincat and Chief of Policy and International Affairs Kinga Warda enjoyed a productive meeting with the UKGC’s Chief Executive Andrew Rhodes and Executive Director for Operations Kay Roberts, who were in Malta for a two-day visit.

They discussed knowledge sharing initiatives between their respective Responsible Gambling teams. By working together, both regulators seek to reinforce their commitment to ensuring the highest standards of player protection and fair play within their respective jurisdictions.

The regulators also emphasised the importance of information sharing in relation to sports betting integrity, AML/CFT and compliance.

The MGA also shared the experience gained through the sandbox environment that had been launched for the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLTs) and the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by gaming operators. This resulted in a dedicated policy that was published earlier in the year.

Meanwhile, the UKGC shared the latest progress on the UK’s Gambling Act White Paper.

The two regulators also discussed formalising their relationship through a Memorandum of Understanding.

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