MGA hosts Ghanaian delegation with a Focus on Supporting Effective Regulation of Ghana Lottery Sector

The Malta Gaming Authority recently welcomed a delegation from Ghana at its premises at SmartCity.

The two entities discussed potential knowledge-sharing initiatives, and how the Ghana National Lottery Authority could benefit from Malta’s experience in implementing necessary changes in a sustainable manner, whilst striking a balance between regulatory objectives and the sector’s needs.

The MGA was given a snapshot of the Ghanaian lottery’s performance, the challenges faced and the changes it may be implementing in the future.

The delegation, in turn, was provided with an overview of what the MGA regulates and how, with a particular focus on responsible gaming measures. The MGA also expounded upon the way gaming taxes are structured it Malta and how the changes – with the complete legal overhaul taking place in 2018 – were implemented in a way that ensured the Authority was ready to regulate in the years to come.

Following the meeting, the parties agreed to continue working together and set up tailor-made workshops to assist Ghana’s National Lottery Authority in planning and introducing the necessary changes to regulate the modern lottery sector.

The meeting was attended by Ghana’s High Commissioner to Malta, H.E. Barbara Akoukor Benisa, and a delegation representing the Ghana National Lottery Authority.

Kinga Warda, Chief Officer – Policy & International Affairs, said that the meeting with the Ghanaian delegation served as a great platform for exchange of valuable perspectives on Maltese and Ghanaian lottery sectors, regulatory environments, and challenges that both jurisdictions face, creating opportunities to collaborate in the future.

“We welcome such opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing initiatives with other regulators and industry stakeholders,” Ms Warda said.

“Increased collaboration results in greater efficacy in supervising a safe and responsible gaming environment across the board.”

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