Suspension of Authorisation for SFJL Holding Limited (C- 80251)

The Malta Gaming Authority (the ‘Authority’) is suspending the authorisation awarded to SFJL Holding Limited (the ‘Authorised Person’), holder of MGA licence MGA/B2C/313/2006, effective as of 03 August 2023, in terms of reg. 8 (1) (f) of the Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations (S.L. 583.06) (the ‘Regulations’).

The Authorised Person is thus no longer authorised to carry out any gaming operations during the suspension’s operative period.

This sanction is being imposed upon the Authorised Person for having breached the following provisions emanating from reg. 9 of the Regulations, as per the reasons manifested hereunder:

  • 9 (1) (c) of the Regulations since the Authorised Person has failed to comply with one or more applicable obligations in terms of any regulatory instrument or any other applicable law of Malta;
  • 9 (1) (k) of the Regulations since the Authorised Person has failed to seek the prior approval of the Authority of any material change where such prior approval is required in terms of any regulatory instrument, or has failed to notify the Authority of such material change where such notification is required; and
  • 9 (1) (j) of the Regulations since circumstances arose which, had they been present and known to the Authority at the time of the issuance of the authorisation, would have led to the Authority not issuing such authorisation.

This decision may be subject to an appeal in terms of article 43 of the Gaming Act (Chapter 583 of the Laws of Malta).

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