AiDP relaunches its All-Index survey tracking DEI dynamics in the aftermath of COVID-19

The All-in Diversity Project (AiDP) has relaunched its ‘All-Index’ survey to comprehensively track and measure the diversity, equality and inclusion make-up of the global gambling sector. 

The survey returns following an 18-month hiatus, as gambling businesses adjusted to the unforeseen demands of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Accounting for drastic changes, AiDP noted that its third industry survey would report on the developments of a longer 2020/2021 period. 

“This year’s survey will aim to understand how the pandemic has changed workplace practices as well as continuing to build on the work we started in 2019 in relation to  data and demographics outside of just gender,” an AiDP statement read.

Kelly Kehn – AiDP

The non-profit continues to work in partnership with the Centre of Diversity & Policy Research and Practise at Oxford Brookes University Business School supporting the survey’s academic insights, sector benchmarking and data analysis. 

AiDP Co-Founder Kelly Kehn underlined the relevance of the survey’s insights, which in 2019 uncovered compelling evidence linking corporate diversity and commercial success, as the top DEI spots were claimed by Entain and IGT, closely followed by Sky Bet, SIS and Betsson AB. 

“Thanks to our partners who continue to support our work, the Index is available to any business who would like to participate. And we’ll continue to benchmark data for each participant for as long as they contribute. That’s real value for any business who gets involved.” – Kehn stated.

Participation in the All-Index survey is available to organisations whether it be an operator, provider/supplier, regulator, association or other entity associated with the global gambling sector.

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