Alex Kornilov, BETEGY: Building a bridge between operators and media companies

The ever closer relationship between broadcasters and sportsbooks presents new opportunities to engage with players, but to take advantage of them requires innovative technology that can drive the on-screen narrative and give viewers simple ways to bet.

BETEGY’s CEO Alex Kornilov believes his company’s AI-powered Broadcast product hits the sweet spot that delivers more engaging content for both media brands and betting operators, while giving players the data they need to make informed decisions about bets. 

Ahead of BETEGY’s participation in SBC Summit Barcelona – where the company will showcase their products in the Sports Betting Zone and he will take part in the ‘NFTs: Unlocking the Potential of Digital Assets’ panel – Kornilov explains why the combination of this new technology and sports fans’ growing love of stats can work for sportsbooks. 

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SBC: Talk us through BETEGY’s latest innovations such as BETEGY Broadcast; how will that impact sportsbook performance? 

Alex Kornilov: It’s no secret that we’re very proud of BETEGY Broadcast, but as a very small caveat, it can be hard to see innovation making an impact when predicting the future – you can only see it looking backwards – which makes it hard to predict success!  

Since introducing the product within the last 12 months, and it shooting to the fore with our World Series of Poker partnership, we’re now able to showcase a raft of player data to drive engagement. What we’ve seen has been so promising that we’re now channelling even more resources into it. 

It’s not just player engagement that we’re delighted about either, but also the way we’ve built a synergy between the viewer and brands. Thanks to our AI-powered technology, we can create sets of on-air motion graphics, which are instantly connected to odds data and betting operators, providing a direct incentive to bet.

The proof is in the results – and the way we’ve been able to transform the viewer experience is a true innovation for us, as we’re effectively bringing sports broadcasts and betting together. Betting operators get more exposure via visualised data, while broadcasters can use those numbers to create a true narrative.

Of course, the media companies get more value from the deal in that they can create content and a story around an event. Our product satisfies the needs of both. As we see it, we’re the first true bridge between operators and media companies to drive engagement. 

SBC: How do you see marketing channels for player engagement being key in driving sportsbook traffic? 

AK: Marketing channels are key – all of them! It’s all about multi-channel, bringing different methods of engagement to the fore to really power your brand forward. With BETEGY Broadcast, you’re covering every channel (social, streaming, TV) and segmenting that outreach. 

So, what that means is that you’re looking at multiple channels of engagement during one live event – mobile in hand on a couch while watching sports on TV. With this, you’re exposed to multiple ways of being engaged, whether that’s dynamic content, statistics or a compelling story, all while having your phone ready to place a bet if needed. 

SBC: How does that tie in with the modern broadcasting operation? What are the key elements you need to provide an incentive to bet? 

AK: Just as we’ve discussed, it’s all about building the narrative. You need the right data at the right time to incentivise bettors. While promotions help, players need more nowadays, and we’re seeing that so much right now in the US given how much stats drive betting interest.

Take a player who loves to bet on total corners based on stats – if the right opportunity comes along mid-game, you can use a personalised layer to reach out to the right fans. For example, a tailored free bet on a certain event that suits past betting history. This is a relatively simple concept, but one that can be a huge driver of interaction for operators.

SBC: Looking to industry innovation as a whole, what’s key for innovating in regard to player engagement? Are the likes of Formula 1, with its interactive experience, a place the industry can adapt from? 

AK: It’s all about removing as many barriers as possible from the betting process. What you need is the thought of placing a bet and the ability to place that bet as close to real-time as possible. 

Of course, BETEGY Broadcast is a great example of that, bringing together the narrative on TV and, in the case of our operator partners, the ability for players to immediately place that same bet on their phone, dynamically connected with the statistical information being presented on TV. 

Just like any other part of the customer journey, the fewer steps in the process, the better it will be.

To make that happen, you need that data and personalisation, which will give you that perfectly segmented customer base, as well as the ability to create a compelling incentive to become part of the action playing out on the TV. 

Formula 1, as you’ve mentioned, is of course a great example of this. They’ve quite literally put the player in the driving seat – you can be behind the wheel with your favourite driver via the multitude of cameras on offer. Is this a great example of the future of betting? Without a doubt. 

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The SBC Summit Barcelona 2022 conference and exhibition takes place at Fira Barcelona Montjuïc on 20-22 September. The event’s Sports Betting Zone features a conference agenda that tackles the big issues and new technologies shaping the future of the industry, along with a show floor with scores of leading suppliers showcasing their latest innovations, extensive networking facilities and evening networking parties.

Passes for the Summit are available from the event’s website. The current Early Bird offer, which gives a saving of €145 per ticket, ends on 26 August. 

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