Altenar & Golden Palace: 10 years of ‘perfecting the betting experience’

A 10-year long partnership is not only an achievement but a testament to the strong work ethic that Golden Palace exudes, writes Stanislav Silin CEO of Altenar, who reflects on the duo’s long-lasting collaboration.

Golden Palace has revolutionised the way that gamblers interact with games, sports and entertainment as a whole – bringing gamers closer to international events and regional leagues as well. Whether you’re betting on Bandy or Baseball, Golden Palace has perfected the sports betting experience with Altenar’s software.

Looking back on our relationship with Golden Palace with great fondness, we are in awe of the industry’s success and how the online gambling company has grown, in what feels like a blink of an eye.

Our relationship with Golden Palace is a prime example of a long standing relationship in the sports betting field that is both attainable and easy to sustain. The joint appreciation and love for sport and sporting events has garnered a relationship like few others and one that has created a form of entertainment that stands out from the crowd.

So, what has Golden Palace achieved in its successful 10 years as an online operator?

The 10-year wonder: Golden Palace

Golden Palace reimagined what the sports betting industry could look like through its use of Altenar’s software and its ability to heighten the entertainment experience.

It allows gamblers, betters and gamers to get closer to the sports and events they love most, as previously mentioned, however the ability to bet pre-match is astounding and has added to Golden Palace’s 10-year success story – something we are incredibly proud to have been a part of.

Being able to share your excitement weeks, days and hours ahead of the event means that players can join thousands who celebrate the upcoming sports tournament from the comfort of their sofa or whilst sitting in traffic. The build-up of the event can often bring as much excitement as the event itself and for this reason pre-match betting has been one of Golden Palace’s 10-year success wonders.

Not only this, but gamers can experience crowd reactions whilst pre-match betting, removing the need for players to be in attendance of the sports event themselves.

While also creating a ‘real-time’ experience for in-game player form and the ability to know weather situations, the immersive experience offered by Golden Palace is one of the reasons that we at Altenar share congratulations on a 10-year long success story for the online gambling operator.

The extra 1% From Golden Palace

Altenar pays specific admiration to Golden Palace’s 1% benefit, which grants players an extra 1% on top of their winnings for accumulator bets and multi bets.

Golden Palace has not only created a harmonious partnership with Altenar, but also generated a respectful relationship with gamers, and for this reason Altenar forecasts another 10 years of success for the online gambling operator.

Golden Palace can be found on its website and there you will discover what plethora of wonders Golden Palace can offer players.

Altenar would like to wish Golden Palace a happy 10-year anniversary and looks forward to the coming years of growth, success and adapting to the changing markets.

Altenar, as a proud partner of the online gambling operator raises a glass in honour of Golden Palace’s success.

‘To many more years, Golden Palace, Salut!’ – Altenar.

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