Andrew Grimshaw, FSB: Curation at the heart of becoming a global business

At Betting on Sports Europe 2022 (BOSE), Andrew Grimshaw, Business Development Director of FSB Gaming, spoke to SBC about the recent steps that the firm has taken in becoming a global company.

After moving away from a UK-focused white label operation over the years, FSB Gaming recently secured a market access milestone in the province of Ontario.

However, the enterprise underlined that Europe will always remain a ‘key focus point’, after recently taking a Hungarian client into the Slovakian market with a sports betting product.

Grimshaw stated: “It shows credibility for the business, and it allows us to have conversations with operators that we probably weren’t doing a couple of years ago. Moving from tier three up to tier one levels is important for the business now.”

The firm also has a separate commercial unit in the US, which Grimshaw claimed shows the momentum that the firm has gained as a global organisation.

Moreover, on FSB’s stand at BOSE, the company highlighted the importance of curation and how this is at the heart of the business. Grimshaw continued: “The curation piece is a main headline for us.

“It’s about the way we work with operators, taking a collaborative approach to help build a bespoke outcome for a particular market or customer base. The tech stack that we’ve developed – a single cold source base over 15 years – means that the whole tech stack is very modular.

“Different operators work with us in different ways for different commercial reasons in different territories, and that cold base allows us to be very agile and move very quickly. 

“But it also allows us to work with operators to take the parts that they need from us to deliver the outcome they want from that particular market, rather than it being a prescriptive product in a box.”

A notable event for most operators is the upcoming World Cup in November, however Grimshaw suggested that the timing of the competition may make things more difficult, with only an eight day window from the Premier League closing to the World Cup starting.

He said: “Our operational teams will be talking to operators very closely to understand at a very granular level what they really need from us, a lot of that product is in development as you would expect.

“Generally I think we’re really positive about the event, it’s the first time we’ve had an event like this as a global organisation whereby the Ontario licence, Canada is obviously qualified, means we can start to think about this, not just for a UK consumer base, but for consumers in all the different territories that we operate.”

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