ANJ gathers French consensus to reform gambling advertising standards 

A public consultation evaluating the standards and conduct of French gambling advertising has been launched by L’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) – France’s unified gambling regulatory agency. 

The consultation forms part of the ANJ’s pledge to reform French gambling’s advertising standards, which was brought into disrepute following multiple public complaints recorded during this summer’s UEFA Euro 2020 Championship.

Updating stakeholders, the ANJ stated that public feedback was required to examine the gambling industry’s advertising framework that had remained unchanged for 10 years.

“French gambling must remain a recreational and measured practice,” outlined the ANJ’s consultation

“However, the advertising pressure that was observed during Euro football, the targeting of young audiences, as well as the messages that foster the illusion of easy money, are particularly problematic.”

The ANJ’s consultation has been split into three key phases to examine the advertising standards and practices of French licensed operators.

Phase-1 will see the ANJ launch a public consultation aiming to establish how French gambling advertising is perceived by audiences, and whether risks are appropriately communicated by advertisers.

During Phase-1, the ANJ will carry out an assessment of tools available by national agencies to enforce higher advertising standards.

A ‘general public sequencing’ will spearhead Phase-2, in which the ANJ has launched an online questionnaire securing direct feedback and opinion on the current inventory of French gambling adverts.

The consultation will be concluded with ANJ undertaking ‘a call for contribution’ from professional stakeholders – gaming operators, healthcare professionals, competent public authorities and healthcare associations, among others.

The final phase will see the ANJ host a workshop co-organized with France’s ARPP (Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority) bringing together licensed operators and advertising agencies.

Feedback from the consultation’s three phases will be used by the ANJ to ‘formalise its new advertising guidelines’ that will propose new requirements and safeguards to national authorities in order to maintain gambling as a recreational pastime.

“We need to question the permanence of a consensus around the French model of gambling and the changes that could possibly be made in terms of advertising, the ANJ has chosen open consultation made available to the general public.” – read a statement by ANJ President  Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin.

“Indeed, the advertising of gambling concerns us all: players, non-players, parents, educators, operators, etc. Everyone will be able to express themselves on the acceptable balance to be found between advertising on gambling and maintaining a recreational practice of gambling. It will then be up to the regulator to make balanced and effective recommendations, based on a social pact. shared by all.” 


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