Bacta: Gambling Review must carry interest of a recovering arcade sector

Greg Wood, President of Bacta, has declared that the interests of British arcade operators will be heard by the government ahead of the critical outcome of the generational review 2005 Gambling Act. 

For a third year running, British arcade operators will have to mitigate COVID-19 impacts on their businesses, as patrons stay at home and entertainment venue restrictions are imposed across Scotland and Wales.

Speaking to CoinSlot, following the postponement of this January’s EAG Expo for entertainment, attraction and gaming operators. Wood underscored the trade body’s intent to promote the arcade sector’s interest ‘at every possible opportunity

Increased efforts are required to ensure that gambling reforms are adopted to help support a recovering business sector that faces a multitude of challenges.

Beyond COVID-19 constraints, Wood underlined that many venues are short-staffed due to recruiting difficulties and that red-tape has burdened supply chain challenges on manufacturing partners limiting venues inventory and product offerings.  

As UK gambling awaits the publishing of the government’s White Paper recommendations to reform the gambling sector, Woods stated that Bacta is – “absolutely determined to have our asks heard in this process and that is a major priority.

“We will of course continue to do our utmost to protect our members’ businesses during the ongoing challenges of the pandemic and to fight for our share of any grants or rebates that are made available to support tourism and hospitality.” 

Helping its members, Bacta will continue to promote it’s ‘High Street Gaming Centres’ campaign –  informing the general public of gaming quality of offer that helps arcades operate as local businesses providing family entertainment, employment and tourism by helping maintain the identity of the seafront.

Bacta underscored that arcade venues held the same headline objectives in improving standards and upholding safer gambling duties, which are at the centre of the review. 

Woods concluded, “We are optimistic as we start 2022 that we can move beyond the current frustrations to explore new opportunities, to reinforce our relationships with policymakers and other important trade bodies, to support your businesses with essential information and help with compliance, to build on player protection measures.”

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