Betby finds ‘perfect addition’ to sportsbook product in Formula One

Betby has further expanded its offering of sports betting markets, incorporating Formula One into its product range. 

The sportsbook supplier has added 20 new betting markets to its offering via the addition of F1 events, as it seeks to further expand its services. 

Betby plans to make its F1 sportsbook product live ahead of the French Grand Prix, which takes place on 24 July, capitalising on a ‘huge surge in popularity’ in the motorsport series. 

“Formula 1 has experienced an incredible boom in popularity, and we’re seeing more and more casual viewers look to further deepen their engagement with the sport,” said Leonid Pertsovskiy, Betby CEO.

“As it is such a data-centric sport, it marries up with our love of data and metrics as well, and we think it’s a perfect addition to our sportsbook. We’ve got an exciting roadmap of products and markets ahead, and look forward to seeing how fans respond to our F1 offering.”

Referring to the increasing viewership of F1, Betby noted that the series’ audience grew by 56% last year, benefiting from a partnership with Netflix – which produced the ‘Drive to Survive’ programme – and other global expansion efforts. 

The addition of F1 marks another expansion of Betby’s sportsbook product range this year, after the firm moved to bolster its esports offering in April through the addition of e-baseball. 

In an interview with SBC News last week, the firm’s Head of Sportsbook, Sergey Tsukanov, addressed concerns about this year’s FIFA World Cup – although the World Cup is usually one of the betting industry’s most lucrative events, the timing of the 2022 tournament in the winter has cast some doubt on its wagering potential. 

“If we lived in the pre-pandemic world, where sporting calendars were so rigid and traditional, I would have said that it would change the approach to the tournament considerably,” he explained.

“However, now that sport is so used to the uncertainty and fluidity in its scheduling, the idea to host a World Cup in winter now doesn’t seem as abnormal.”

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