BetConstruct to leverage LSports’ BetBooster in new partnership

BetConstruct and LSports have entered into an agreement, with the former leveraging its new partners’ BetBooster bet stimulation offering.

As a result of the deal, the sports data platform provider will provide BetConstruct access to BetBooster, which will be integrated into the service with its end customers. 

Igaming technology and service provider BetConstruct will utilise the AI betting stimulation service to take advantage of real-time sports betting teams across a range of sports and leagues at different levels, covering ‘all popular betting markets’ with a multilingual service.

Stuart Baker, Group Director of Sportsbook Products at BetConstruct, said: “At BetConstruct, we are always moving, always looking at ways to improve and enhance our products. 

“We are very excited to add another real player engagement experience – one that will allow our partners to differentiate and grow even further.”

Developed by LVision and distributed exclusively by LSports, BetBooster has proven to be one of the firm’s most successful and popular products, and was expanded earlier this year to include table tennis, baseball and ice hockey.

“BetBooster is one of a kind, already proving itself as a significant turnover and engagement booster,” said Yoav Ziv, LSports VP Sales.

“This new partnership with BetConstruct will allow the company to offer its customers a unique solution and a guarantee to increase their overall rates. We’re excited to see where this takes us.” 

Speaking to SBC News in September, Ziv discussed one of LSports other offerings, the Sports Trading Manager (STM), which the company has developed with the end goal of giving operators greater control over their business.

“Bookmakers will never have to calculate their odds or margins again, they will never experience their most painful problem, downtime,” he explained. “Every feature we add or improve is driven by our clients best interests and latest technologies.”

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