Better Collective Spotlight: Revamping VegasInsider for a wider audience

In this month’s Better Collective Spotlight, Chris David, SVP of Operations & Marketing at Better Collective, talks all things VegasInsider and why the relaunched site will be focusing on users in both the offline and online gambling space.

SBC: You recently decided to relaunch VegasInsider. What was the rationale behind this?

CD: Due to continued growth of the brand within the sports betting industry, both in the US and globally, the backend needed a boost to adapt to the ever changing marketplace and influx of competition.

SBC: What aspects of the offering will be different this time around?

CD: At first glance, the look and feel of the site is much more sleek and functional, especially for global users. Another key focus was on our betting odds markets for the major sports, offering more than just the standard three (spread, total, moneyline). Within that feature, we’re also highlighting the best markets available to the users so they can get the best value on their wagers.

SBC: How will the relaunch of VegasInsider help Better Collective tap into new audiences among sports bettors?

CD: Our goal has always been to be the leader in sports betting information and resources that includes odds, data, content and expert opinions. The functionality of the site is now more welcoming to new users and it’s set up to inform and educate simultaneously.

SBC: Have you seen any uptick in visitors to the VegasInsider brand throughout March Madness? How do you plan to retain these bettors?

CD: March Madness always brings an increase in volume to the site, in particular the first week where bettors have 52 single-elimination games to follow. Retention and loyalty has always been a strength for VegasInsider and our initial learnings have shown that our core users have accepted the changes, plus we’ve seen an uptick in new users too. Analysing data is our main focus going forward so we can continue to push the best product.

SBC: What can we expect from VegasInsider in 2022?

CD: This year we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of VegasInsider and even though that’s an achievement for any business, we’re seeing this relaunch as Day 1 of a new beginning. Similar to the long-term vision of Better Collective, we’ll be focusing on media and strengthening our brand to all users both offline and online.

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