Betting Innovation Centre ‘fills the gaps’ in World Cup wagering

The Betting Innovation Centre, a joint venture from Stats Perform and Sporting Solutions, has launched its first B2B product set.

Opta BetBuilder Plus has been developed for the upcoming World Cup, as well as other football competitions, seeking to ‘unlock the true potential’ of player props and same-game betting for both operators and bettors. 

The product aims to ‘fill the gaps’ that have held back the growth of football betting by connecting pricing with contextual front-end Opta stats, in-play as well as pre-game, delivered in multiple formats including singles, pre-combined multis, a betbuilder API and hosted betbuilder UI.

 Shane Gannon, SVP Betting at Stats Perform, said: “Opta BetBuilder Plus creates dream experiences for bettors and operators and will set a benchmark for the future of betbuilder products. 

“It perfectly combines the best of Sporting Solutions and Stats Perform: elite modelling and trading expertise, uniquely deep player data, product expertise and the world-renowned Opta brand.”

The betbuilder features Opta-powered markets, like player shots on target and goalkeeper saves. The Betting Innovation Centre was launched back in June as a partnership between Stats Perform and Sporting Solutions, with the bebuilder marking its product debut. 

The companies have also described the service as having been built ‘from the ground-up’ for a ‘fast and simple’ launch, particularly targeting operators with an existing Sporting Solutions or Stats Perform integration.

“Since announcing the Betting Innovation Centre, operators have been asking for player proposition prices like shots to be available at scale in betbuilders and same-game products, in-play as well as pre-game, to make football betting more entertaining for their users,” added CEO of Sporting Solutions, Andy Wright.

“They also want their traders to have genuine confidence in the player proposition pricing, so they can keep more markets open longer, for more games, and be creative with their boosts and promotions. That’s a large part of the unique value we’re bringing.”

Overall, the product gives operators’ customers the ability to quickly find and place bets, to track their decision and have stats to help them make a cash-out decision, for top leagues but also local players and teams.

Gannon concluded: “Our Opta BetBuilder Plus product set enables all of this, via a very fast integration. It is perfect for any operator wanting to unlock the true potential of football betting and means every operator can quickly offer trusted, unbeatable football betting experiences.”

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