Brazil reforms working group to implement gambling laws against a tight timetable 

Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies has reinstated a ‘working group’ to ensure that a new regulatory regime is approved to adopt and regulate new gambling laws.  

Brasil Socialist Party deputy member Felipe Carrera will lead the working group, reporting developments to Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco.

The group is reported to have reinitiated meetings this week to ‘untangle the path’ for Brazil’s separate gambling decrees to clear the Lower House and Senate to come into law federally. 

Last February, the Chamber of Deputies approved the passage of Bill-442/1991, that will allow for the government to establish a legislative framework to revamp the nation’s casino, horseracing, bingo and instant game laws.

The Bill further outlined the new federal provisions and unified standards that businesses would require to adhere to in order to launch gambling ventures within Brazil’s 26 states.

Consequently, draft proposals for Brazil’s federal sports betting framework were being developed by national enterprise development agency SECAP.

SECAP published its ‘working framework’ this week, outlining its preferred outcomes for the launch of Brazil’s regulated sports betting marketplace.

 Following months of deliberation, SECAP confirmed that it supported applying no limits on the number of market licensees that must ensure they have a registered business presence in Brazil.  

Reforming the working group for gambling legislation, Carrera stated that he was optimistic that both decrees could be federally approved by July.

Carrera told media “there are 3,000 betting sites in the country…The big question is: who is interested in keeping the game illegal?”

“I see no problem in being after the elections. I proposed to go to the discussion meetings of the senators to talk about the report that not only aims to control but will be the safest regulation in the world in terms of games of chance.”

Yet Brazil’s Senate and Lower House face a tight timetable in the coming months as political parties prepare to campaign for the 2022 General Election that will be concluded on 2 October.

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