Building scale and innovation – PointsBet on why Dublin is a betting tech hub

As North American betting stakeholders continue to expand their operations across the states and provinces of the US and Canada, many are looking to the established markets of Europe for guidance and support.

This has included US-facing PointsBet, which recently announced the opening of a Dublin tech hub off the back of its acquisition of Banach Technologies. For the company’s Director of Operations – Europe, Graham Ross, the continent has much to offer for US-facing firms looking to further expand their businesses, particularly relating to tech and innovation. 

SBC – What are the key opportunities for PointsBet in the European market, and in Ireland in particular? 

Graham Ross – Having a European HQ in Dublin allows the company access to a significant pool of available talent, particularly prospective employees with deep experience in the online gambling space in Europe and further afield.

With Ireland having a very strong position in both foreign direct investment and the technology space within the EU and Europe as a whole, it’s very clear that there are notable advantages to be gained by basing our operations here.  

SBC – What will be the operational focus of PointsBet’s new Dublin office? What role will the tech team play in the company’s transatlantic operations? 

GR – Off the back of the Banach Technology acquisition in Q2 2021, the ongoing operational focus of the Dublin team remains the development and delivery of cutting edge, best-in-class, in-play betting experiences across the key US Sports markets. 

Our European HQ already plays a significant role in our US operations and that is only expected to increase as we scale up and add further talent to further reinforce our position as the home of in-play for US Sports.

SBC – Why was Dublin chosen as the base for PointsBet European business? What is it about the city that sets it apart from others as a betting HQ? 

GR – As mentioned previously, building on the physical and spiritual legacy of the Banach Technology business in Dublin was an easy decision. 

Having added to the Banach headcount and opened our new state-of-the-art office in Dublin’s rapidly developing Liberties area, we are really well positioned to attract the next wave of new PointsBet talent that can add additional scale and speed to our US & Canadian business growth.

SBC – Could entry into regulated European markets such as Ireland, the UK or the Netherlands be on the cards? 

GR – There are no plans to apply for licences in Ireland or any of the major European markets as it stands but we will continue to monitor market opportunities and regulatory developments on a wider international basis. 

SBC – Many European operators are currently looking to the US to expand their businesses. Why is PointsBet – as an established name stateside – bucking the trend and looking to the other side of the Atlantic? 

GR – As we have seen through our Banach Technology integration, there are a wide range of benefits to leverage from the overall growth experience within online sports and gaming in the European market. 

Clearly, the US and Canadian markets on a state-by-state and regional basis can be pretty distinctive in terms of their regulatory approach, market features and customer demographics but we do believe that there are some specific fundamentals and insights to be gained from both sides of the Atlantic that can help us to win as an innovative disruptor brand in our licensed states.

SBC – Ireland is currently undergoing a legislative overhaul on gambling, with a new regulator expected in a year. What impacts, if any, do you see this having for PointsBet? 

GR – While we don’t want to preempt the final details of the new regulatory framework expected to be introduced in the Irish market, we don’t expect our European business to be negatively impacted.

In fact, we would be hopeful that the Irish Government and its key departments would recognise and support the creation of new jobs and economic value by companies like PointsBet that are basing key operational hubs in Ireland to support their operations internationally.

SBC – As the US market continues to mature, are there any lessons from Europe that PointsBet is/has been using to influence its North American business? 

GR – One of the key reasons for the acquisition of Banach Technology was to bring their technical and operational expertise of US Sports in-play markets in-house. 

The fact that PointsBet has been first with so many new innovative in-play features in the last 12 months is testament to the wisdom of that decision. 

With the recently announced SIG investment and the exploratory partnership with Nellie Analytics, we are confident that we can add further innovation, scale and pace to our efforts in this area.

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