C&N Sporting Risk launches its ‘gaming arm’ BetitRight for improved customer betting

C&N Sporting Risk has launched its BetitRight service in a bid to leverage key data outputs from predictive modelling to bet on football.

The new platform has evolved out of C&N Sporting Risk’s profitable betting syndicate, now in its seventh year of operation, and has been described as the company’s ‘gaming arm’. 

Henry Newman, Co-Founder of Sporting Risk, commented: “BetitRight provides the perfect balance between enhancing user engagement and activity for operators, while servicing the consumer in providing a more educated approach to sports wagering.”

The company claims that a ‘core catalyst’ in creating BetitRight was a joint venture with Spotlight Sports Group to build its In-Play Bet Prompt product, where Sporting Risk combined its predictive models with live event feeds and bookmaker price feeds to create in-play bet prompts. 

“Our expertise in data science and predictive modelling has driven BetitRight’s development and the engagement results we’ve seen show the product is having a significant impact for both operators and consumers,” Newman added.

The analytical service combines pre-play and in-play content in one place to give customers an opportunity to gain ‘valuable insight’ into data, enhancing user engagement.

In a statement, the enterprise shared evidence from a client, explaining that 27% of users who interact with the bet-prompt widget add a selection to the betslip, while the number of ‘adds to betslip’ increased by +800% over a six-month period.

Partnerships have been signed with several UK operators which C&N Sporting Risk stated will be announced once the contracts have been completed, as the company added: “Plans are afoot for further in-play product development over the coming months focused initially on football, before scaling into other sports in 2022.”

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