Delasport: all about the If Bet innovation with Oren Cohen Shwartz

In a fast-moving and ever-evolving sports betting industry, sportsbook customers have come to expect a higher level of wagering, always looking for something new to enhance their experience and new ways to bet on their favourite markets. SBC sat down with Oren Cohen Shwartz, CEO of Delasport, to talk about the firm’s latest innovation – If  Bet. 

SBC: How would you describe the If Bet feature in just a few sentences?

Oren Cohen Shwartz (CEO of Delasport): If Bet is a novel and creative feature that allows bettors to link several single bets with a single wager, thereby automating up to seven consecutive bets. The new feature adds to the betting experience by allowing players to cascade several bets with a single wager in a quick and automatic way.

If their initial pick loses, they lose the stake, and the rest of the underlying If Bets are cancelled – but if it wins, the system will automatically place the following bet, using the original stake or, if chosen, with a multiply option that stacks the gains on.

SBC: What was the inspiration to create something like this?

OCS: The idea for creating this brand new feature was inspired by the fact that most of the betting features in the betting industry are all the same. That’s why we decided to create something that nobody else has, to create better experiences for players and to help ourselves and our partners stand out from the mass market. We have always prided ourselves on creating smart and novel products, and If Bet is the latest addition to our roster.

SBC: Is there something else currently like this in the market?

OCS: There are a few other companies with similar features, but our If Bet has several unique features to it. One differentiator that makes it stand out is the fact that our customers can decide to place a bet on Flat Stake or Multiply Stake – which is something that has not been implemented elsewhere. Basically, it has two different types of If Bet working at the same time.  

SBC: What is the innovation in If Bet?

OCS: As well as the dual feature set mentioned above, the newest thing in If Bet is that players can place a bet on every sport without any exceptions. It is supported for pre-match events which are starting in the next 168 hours. Another great thing about this feature is that it is available across all sports.

SBC: How does it benefit players?

OCS: If Bet offers many benefits to players. One great advantage is that bettors can place a bet on several events, risking only one stake. They don’t need to pay attention to the starting date of the event (the first selection can start after three days, the second selection can start after two hours, and the third one after five hours). Also, they can decide on which mode of If Bet they want to play. All they need to do is to pick their predictions and enjoy the experience.

Players are looking for entertainment. They are looking for experiences that enhance the betting experience. With If Bet, they have yet another tool at their disposal to help them organise their bets, manage their risk, and enjoy something that they cannot get elsewhere.

SBC: How does it benefit operators?

OCS: If Bet is still a rare feature on the market, especially when it comes to the ‘multiply’ functionality, and operators who use it will have something to offer that their competitors don’t. Players have a lot of choice when it comes to which brand to choose, making it harder to stand out. Our partners can use it in their marketing to attract and acquire new players and retain those who have already been introduced into their ecosystem. 

SBC: What has been the reception to the feature so far?

The feedback that we received is more than satisfying, most importantly we see a lot of If Bet bets already and that is very encouraging to see how it is embraced by bettors.  Our partners report that their customer support has not received questions regarding how to place an If Bet, which we credit to the intuitive UX we have built around it.

SBC: What is next to come from your betting innovation factory?

OCS: No spoilers for now as we are already working on the next game-changers… so stay tuned!


Oren Cohen Shwartz – CEO –  Delasport

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