Delasport enriches the betting experience with Ifbet launch

Igaming software solutions provider Delasport will now allow bettors to “connect multiple single bets with just one stake” following the launch of its new feature, Ifbet.

Unveiled in collaboration with 18bet and CasinoWinBig, it is hoped that Ifbet will elevate the overall player experience while also giving the two operators the ability to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Oren Cohen Shwartz, Delasport CEO, explained: “The new Ifbet is added to our rich array of features aimed to enrich the betting experience. Ifbet is an excellent choice for a player that likes to have a betting accumulator like a combo (parlay), but with a lower risk for a lower payout.

“With it, 18bet and CasinoWinBig bettors will be able to have a new exciting way to bet in a very convenient and intuitive way.”

The feature will enable players to make multiple selections of single bets with a single stake. If their first selection loses, they lose the stake and the rest of the underlining Ifbets are cancelled – but if it wins, the system will continue to make the next bet automatically, using the original stake, or if preferred, with a multiply option with the winnings stacked on.

Steven Andrews, Head of Sport at 18Bet at SportEmpire, added: “Our partnership with Delasport continues to yield excellent results.

“With the new Ifbet feature, we are bringing even more choice to punters looking to get the most from their betting experience. Well done to team Delasport for understanding our need to offer unique ways to bet in the market.”

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