FDJ deepens Corporate Foundation remit to promote equality

Groupe FDJ has renewed its ‘Corporate Foundation’, expanding its responsibility charter to promote equal opportunities and social mobility across all components and stakeholders of its business. 

The board of FDJ has announced ‘a new five-year cycle’ of the Foundation that will be funded with a budget of €25 million – a 25% increase compared to the 2018-2022 charter.

The Foundation aims to ensure that all organisations working with Française des Jeux (FDJ) support the French National Lottery’s founding decree of promoting solidarity and equal opportunities for society’s vulnerable and less fortunate.

France’s National Lottery was established  in 1933, as a scheme providing medical funds for the Gueules Cassées (broken faces) – the term used to describe France’s disfigured ex-serviceman who fought in World War One

The Foundation allows FDJ employees to directly contribute to partner organisations and community projects, in the form of providing mentoring, busines expertise, training and wider support

FDJ seeks to expand on the successful cycle of the 2018-2022 Corporate Foundation that “helped more than two hundred and fifty thousand beneficiaries, through four hundred associations.”

“Since 2018, a third of the two thousand five hundred employees of the FDJ group have mobilized to accomplish five hundred and eighty solidarity missions,” – informed Charles Lantieri Chairman of the FDJ Corporate Foundation

“In total FDJ has provided seven thousand six hundred hours for the benefit of partner associations of the Foundation.” 

Lantieri added – “Solidarity is an essential component of the FDJ group’s raison d’être, as evidenced by the commitment of our Corporate Foundation since its creation in 1993. The renewal of the FDJ Foundation for five additional years demonstrates the importance that FDJ attaches to the action of associations committed to the most vulnerable.”

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