Genius Sports and Clue make ‘exciting step’ in detecting betting-related corruption

Genius Sports has partnered with Clue, a provider of intelligence and investigations software, in launching a comprehensive integrity intelligence platform for sport.

As the integrity partner to over 150 leagues and federations, Genius Sports will use the new system to help anticipate and detect global trends in betting-related corruption, support investigations and provide increased visibility to sports organisations worldwide. 

Clue’s proprietary intelligence platform looks to ‘heighten efficiency and interoperability’ between Genius Sports’ Integrity, Trading and Quality Assurance teams, based across four continents.

“This partnership with Clue is an exciting next step in our continued investment in our sports integrity offering,” stated Simon Martyn, Director of Rights Enforcement & Integrity at Genius Sports. 

“Their leading software gives us the edge in tackling the clear and present danger of match-fixing by delivering intelligence and investigative capabilities that can help prevent, detect and disrupt betting-related corruption.

“We’re very grateful to Clue, a global leader in intelligence software, for working so closely with us to build a highly customised solution that will be pivotal to our integrity offering going forward.”

Clue’s system also provides a centralised digital vault that will house Genius Sports’ library of integrity risk assessment reports. The company’s analysts will be able to access and analyse every report, cross-referenced by a detailed red, amber, or green risk assessment, graded on the potential level of integrity risk. 

Through the firm’s software, each report will be indexed against relevant news articles and blogs, match footage and analysis to provide what is being described as an ‘unparalleled’ level of integrity intelligence.

Phil Suddick, Head of Sport at Clue, added: “From match manipulation to safeguarding and hate crime to anti-doping investigations, Clue has an inherent ability to provide a trusted solution in sports integrity.

“The partnership with Genius Sports is an amazing and unprecedented opportunity to provide protection and intelligence to over 150 sporting leagues and federations. Genius Sports and Clue have taken this golden opportunity to deter, disrupt and detect those criminals who seek to manipulate sporting events.

“Both organisations have worked proactively and collaboratively to ensure this integrity platform is able to identify, manage and share critical information, thereby reducing the risk to both the athlete and their sport.”

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