Intralot completes US Inc focused capital restructuring 

Intralot SA has secured a final settlement on its debt-note and capital restructure, undertaken to deepen its financial resources and accelerate the growth of its North American Intralot Inc unit.      

The Athens-listed gambling technology group reports that on 3 August it was allowed to issue new debt-notes totalling £242 million, which will be maintained under the Intralot Inc domain.

The transaction has allowed Intralot to transfer and terminate its existing 2021 Euro debt-notes totalling €247 million – as the tech group secures an equivalent 18% discount on future debt repayments.

Further capital restructuring saw holding company Intralot Global Holdings BV transfer 34% of shares in Intralot US Securities to holders of existing 2024 debt-notes, with the exchange carrying a nominal value of  €118 million.  

Completing its new restructuring agreement, Intralot Global Holdings will retain 65.73% control of Intralot Inc, operating as the US unit’s main management company.

The board of Intralot announced that it would undertake a US-focused recapitalisation plan on 3 July, following Q1 trading results in which its North American assets had outperformed the firm’s established European counterparts. 

Growth of US contracts saw Intralot reduce group operating losses to €7 million, as the company reported a stable outlook for full-year 2021 trading – marked as a positive outcome following back-to-back restructuring’s undertaken by the technology group. 

The Chairman and CEO of the company, Sokratis Kokkalis, noted: “Today is a historic day for Intralot, achieving its two goals related to its capital structure, to refinance the Notes due September 2021 and to reduce by €163m its total debt liabilities.

“The new capital structure significantly improves the position of the company, and its capabilities to take advantage of new opportunities in the developed markets, based on its strategic planning.

“The entry of significant institutional investors into the share capital of the parent of Intralot, Inc., also expands the company’s capabilities in a competitive and very promising market. I warmly thank all my associates and employees of the company for their contribution to this success.”

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