KSA orders Gammix to withdraw or face €4.5m Dutch penalty

Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) – The Netherlands gambling authority has issued a cease-and-desist order to Cyprus-based online casino multi-brand operator Gammix Limited. 

KSA has accused Gammix of breaching KOA market rules, as the unlicensed operator is deemed to have offered ‘illegal online games of chance’ to Dutch consumers.

Gammix that operates a portfolio of 15 online casino brands including Rigged.com, Zinkra, Touch Casino and VegaDream – has been ordered to immediately comply with KSA order.

KSA revealed that it been monitoring two Gammix owned websites since March – rantcasino.com and nordslot.com, that were deemed to be accessible to Dutch players without any restrictions.

“If Gammix does not stop with this, the company will have to pay a penalty of €1.47 million per week. The penalty can amount to a maximum of almost 4.5 million euros.” – KSA warned the Gammix.

Last week, the KSA issued a reminder that licensed entities within the country risk a fine if valid public key infrastructure certifications are not held.

The regulator published the note to draw the attention of gambling providers to the fact that games of chance may only be offered with valid PKI authorisation.

Without the necessary certification, it is not possible to check whether players are registered in the Central Register of Exclusion of Chances (Cruks). It is not permitted within the country to give players access to a game of chance without Cruks control.

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