Lithuania and Ukraine gambling authorities sign MoU on information sharing

The Lithuanian Gaming Control Authority and the Gambling and Lotteries Regulation Commission of Ukraine have today announced a new international collaboration.

The two national gambling regulatory bodies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to facilitate greater cooperation and information sharing on gaming industry oversight. 

This will entail sharing of best practices and exchange of knowledge and information relating to business supervision, regulatory practice and legislative enforcement, building on a relationship established last year. 

“We are ready to share with our Ukrainian colleagues our experience in areas where we already have a lot of expertise and practice,” said Virginijus Daukšys, Director of the Gaming Control Authority. 

Daukšys explained that information sharing will revolve around areas such as problem gambling prevention, countering illegal remote gambling operators and technical requirements for gaming devices, among other areas.

Additionally, knowledge exchanges will cover legal details, market regulation practices, requirements for businesses and the application of legislation to the industry.

Lastly, the duo also plan to organise seminars and lectures to encourage information sharing between each country’s national sector as part of the renewed agreement – reinforced by the MoU.

“We are very pleased with this agreement and with the fact that our new partners are colleagues of the authority of this tenacious, unyielding and proud country,” Daukšys added. 

“We hope this cooperation will be mutually beneficial and we will support and assist our Ukrainian colleagues in their needs to our best abilities and in the scope of our competence.“

The Lithuanian regulator, which operates under the country’s Ministry of Finance, noted that the pre-existing year-long cooperation with its Ukrainian counterpart had been adversely affected by Russia’s invasion and the ongoing armed conflict. 

The development demonstrates that, despite the ongoing war raging across the country, Ukraine’s gambling regulator appears to still be performing its duties to the best of its abilities.

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