Low6 links with ITP to drive fan engagement and data collection

Low6 and Inside the Pocket (ITP) have announced a strategic partnership, as the former seeks to ‘broaden its global footprint’.

The agreement will see Low6’s free-to-play (F2P) products incorporated into ITP’s content aggregation platform, enabling the firm to distribute its suite to a new network of sports betting operators. 

Birmingham-based developer Low6 identified ITP as offering a ‘ground-breaking marketplace’, which in turn provides a simple route to market and value-creation opportunities to suppliers. 

In particular, Low6 pointed to a shared ‘community first-approach’ to sports gamification it holds with its new partner, whilst also pointing to ITP’s ‘easy-to-use’ dashboards to provide clients with insights into player activity using aggregated cross-network data.

“Sportsbooks worldwide can now effortlessly expand their portfolio through our white label gamification platform,” said Jamie Mitchell, Low6 CEO.

“This collaboration with ITP offers a simple way to access a selection of our fan-favourite F2P games and all the value-added benefits that come with Low6 gamification tools. 

“Our F2P games collect actionable data to help all our partners better know and understand their user base which, in turn, will help them to acquire, convert and retain satisfied customers.”

The announcement follows a year of expansion for Low6, with the company having launched its product range – such as the F2P Fantasy, Picks, Trivia and Bracket titles – with a variety of betting and gaming, media and sporting clients such as PointsBet, the UFC and PGA Tour.

By partnering with ITP, Low6 has also made its data collection tools available to a wider use base – these can be used to gather first-party data to gain a better understanding of an operator’s user base.

Moving forward, the duo aim to combine their technology and data collection capabilities to drive diversified fan engagement to Low6’s F2P sports games, whilst also striving to achieve low cost, high value conversion and retention.

Hussain Naqi, Founder and CEO of Inside The Pocket, added: “This partnership is the very definition of an old-fashioned win-win. For ITP, it gives us more great content for our customers. For Low6, it facilitates sales in outreach while reducing barriers to the decision-making process. 

“Put succinctly, as markets mature and evolve, the best products always win. And this collaboration is a great way of showcasing those great new products to the end consumer. It’s all about the flexibility this provides for both of our customers and future prospects.

“As a market leader in the dynamic, evolving F2P vertical, Low6 was naturally a logical choice as an ITP partner. ITP’s multifaceted assets are already revenue-generating for our operators, so we’re thrilled with the early international reception from our growing global association of betting partners.”

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