LSports goes scout free with new Computer Vision data feed

Real time sports betting data provider LSports has developed “advanced computer vision technology” which, it claims, will support the launch of its new machine-driven sports data feed.

The CV-based feed, according to LSports, does not require scouts, and will instead use an automated solution to analyse live sports streams in real time and convert that information into data.

In a statement, the firm noted: “The company promises that, soon, this feed will be able to change the sports betting industry completely. Thanks to it, there will be zero need for scouts as it is managed solely by technology. It will also promise up to 99% accuracy, an unprecedented offer, as it will avoid human error.

“As the CV technology can analyse any kind of video stream, no matter the resolution, it is able to produce enormous amounts of brand-new insights with the potential of creating completely new markets and so much more.

“Currently, the tech specialises in tennis, as it serves as a perfect starting point for further development. A few examples of new data points in tennis include players’ covered distance, shot type, ball speed, and in-depth analysis based on players’ tactics.”

In the next few months, LSports plans to extend the reach of its CV technology to other sports, including soccer and basketball.

This innovation, it believes, will “push its clients to the top of the market and position the company as an industry leader”.

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