Madrid Decree toughens rules on gambling venues 

The Governing Council of Madrid has approved a ‘Community Decree’ that will overhaul how betting and gambling premises operate within Spain’s capital city. 

Last week, the council unanimously voted in favour of the decree that will override the existing laws that oversee gambling premises operating across Madrid’s twenty-one districts.  

The decree aims to desaturate the presence of betting venues within Madrid districts, in which businesses will have to maintain a 300-metre distance between their establishments.

Furthermore, the decree ensures that a gambling centre such as a bookmaker, arcade, bingo hall and casino must maintain a minimum distance of 100-meters between schools, universities and youth recreational centres.

Local districts will no longer be able to grant business licences for gambling premises/venues as duties will be overseen by the Governing Council of Madrid.

The Decree’s venue and licensing rules had been applied during 2020 and 2021, as local districts observed COVID-19 lockdown rules.

The business registry of the Community of  Madrid currently sees 685 gambling venues operate within the Spanish capital of – which 160 are bookmakers, 480 arcades, 33 bingo halls and four community licensed casinos.

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