Mikael Lijtenstein, AstroPay: Putting the customer front and centre to maximise European opportunity

“What we have learned from the past is what we are using today to launch in Europe. We think it is always about putting the customer at the centre.”

Mikael Lijtenstein is the CEO at AstroPay, whose business is best known for handling the local complexity for payment solutions in emerging markets, starting in Brazil back in 2009.

However, as a truly global company it is now looking to Europe, where Lijtenstein believes that there are still plenty of opportunities to be explored.

To emphasise this global approach, he reminded us that AstroPay debuted its offering in the UK, Spain and Portugal earlier this year, where he thinks that it can steal a march on its rivals with the right focus on the UX and innovative payment methods.

“Europe is a huge and challenging market,” he told Gambling TV. “We know that, but we also know that there is always space for a new payment method to offer to our clients. We’re hoping that the early adopters – the users who will try new payment methods – will start using AstroPay.

“A few months back, we launched in Europe. The UK, Spain and Portugal were our first markets. We’re happy to embark on this new challenge to service users all over the world. 

“It’s very important to satisfy customer expectations. We need to understand what they want when they are making a purchase or a deposit. With that in mind, listening to the users is important, so being on the ground is a crucial part of our culture too.

“We need to stay on top of the key customer pain points if we are to offer users the best solution we can develop.”

Watch the full interview HERE.

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