N1 Partners Group: Moving to master the sports betting field with SOFTSWISS

The only disadvantage was its relatively recent release on the market, said N1 Partners Group Chief Product Officer Yaroslav Laptev, as he reflected on choosing the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook to grow its online gambling business.

12 months on from launching the first of its sports betting projects through Joo Sports, he told us why the flexible and simple to use solution from SOFTSWISS is helping it to master a new field. 

SBC: Why did you decide to expand your gambling offer to include sports betting?

YL: Today’s gambling market requires that we have the widest possible offer in the betting world. And we, as a company that is constantly moving forward, are trying to meet not only the industry’s but also our target audience’s demands. At a certain point we realised that online casinos and sports betting complement each other perfectly. 

Moreover, it is now far from an advantage, but a vital necessity if you want to be competitive and grow your business. It is more convenient for players to choose an operator that offers a two-in-one solution that combines both gambling and betting.

SBC: When you decided to integrate the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, it was a fairly new product on the betting market? Why did you choose this particular product?

YL: We have been working with SOFTSWISS for a long time and know this brand and its professional approach to work. Before starting our cooperation, we studied the solutions available on the market and concluded that the only disadvantage of the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook compared to competitors is its relatively recent release on the market. 

However, this is more than compensated for by its flexibility in development aspects. It’s easier and faster for us to find common ground with a new product, adapting its functionality to our needs. 

SBC: What challenges have you encountered mastering a new field? And how did the SOFTSWISS solution help you cope with them?

YL: As you correctly noted, the betting field was new for N1 Partners Group, which was the biggest difficulty. We had to build a separate team that carefully studied the nuances of sports betting operations. The team constantly shares their expertise and helps us to manage new projects as efficiently as possible. 

SBC: Now that you’ve been working with the sportsbook for more than a year, what have proved to be the biggest benefits?

YL: As I mentioned before, the most important benefit is the simplicity of operation. The sportsbook is constantly developing and it gives us, as a client, the advantage of using innovative solutions in our work. For example, unique bonuses and automated promo tools. 

The SOFTSWISS team also provides support in the development of the sportsbook on our projects. What’s more, they also manage many essential matters, including 24/7 customer support, risk management, client retention and anti-fraud services. This approach allows us to concentrate on attracting traffic while the sportsbook team handles all other tasks. 

SBC: Can you share any numbers so far to showcase your sportsbook success?

YL: In one year of working with the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, we have launched three projects: Joo Sports, N1Bet.com and N1Bet.ng. This is quite a good result for a company that is just starting out in sports betting. 

It is too early to talk about any results yet because only one brand – Joo Sports – has been in operation with sports betting for a year, N1Bet.com and N1Bet.ng were launched six and three months ago respectively. 

It is also difficult to compare different operation-type projects. For example, for Joo Sports complements the casino, whereas N1Bet.com is almost entirely a sports betting project. 

SBC: A few months ago, N1 Partners Group launched its first project in the Nigerian market. Would you please share your impressions of the months of work?

YL: This certainly makes the list of accomplishments for 2021. N1Bet.ng is our first experience of operating the sportsbook under a local licence in Nigeria. 

We believe that the African market is very promising and we are already satisfied with the results. So N1 Partners Group will expand its presence in the African continent and use its experience in the Nigerian market to acquire new local licences.

SBC: And finally, what are your plans for continuing the growth of your betting business? 

YL: Together with the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, N1 Partners Group is developing several other projects to be launched soon, including new licences and markets. However, I don’t want to reveal any details yet. At the moment, the B2C solution that sportsbook offers fully covers our needs.

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