Orbit by Delasport: Player Account Management that leads the way in a competitive market

Having the right Player Account Management (PAM) platform in place is crucial to improving experiences for both operators and their players. However, as customer needs become more demanding and data becomes more granular, today’s PAM solutions need to do more than just the basics. 

Delasport CEO Oren Cohen Shwartz introduces us to Orbit: a proprietary PAM that is leading the way for iGaming operators across the globe.

SBC: Can you describe Orbit to us in a few sentences?

The Orbit platform by Delasport is a unified One-Stop-Shop solution that allows our partners to successfully manage all day-to-day operation aspects, including a complete Players, Sports Betting & Casino management system. The Orbit PAM, delivers beyond the expectations of a typical Player Account Management System for regulated markets. By combining the passions of our in-house sports enthusiasts, data analysts, UX designers and software engineers, we have created a superior centralized point of control and growth for our partnering operators.

SBC: What are some of the killer features that Orbit offers?

Orbit is packed with industry-leading features including personalized CRM campaigns based on customers’ favorite sports, leagues, slots, and live casino games. It also boasts robust gamification features including missions, levels, minigames, leaderboards and a store. There are tournaments for every vertical and as a result, players enjoy a much deeper experience across the board. 

Orbit is a modern PAM that aims to help operators to differentiate in competitive markets and excel in acquiring and retaining their players.

SBC: How does Orbit help operators better serve their players?

The main goal of any operator is to elevate player betting experiences and provide them with a level of service they can’t get anywhere else. Orbit manages and streamlines a variety of corporate activities, including marketing campaigns, business analytics, customer data, payments, and more, allowing operators to consolidate their workflows into data that is simpler and easier to control.  

The platform is powered by automatic and semi-automatic processes that save operators time and propel operational effectiveness. This, in turn, allows operators to cater to their players in smooth, integrated, and seamless ways that are tailored to player preferences. When we plan new features for the Orbit platform, we always consider several personas, how the features comply with regulation requirements, what the player benefits will be, how they will interact with it, and what the operator benefits and needs will be.

SBC: What integrations does Orbit offer?

Orbit is integrated with numerous 3rd party services for CRM, KYC, customer journeys, payment methods and gateways, fraud tools, and more. We are proud of our ability to integrate quickly and onboard new tools thanks to our microservices architecture that allows rapid development and integration into the platform in a modular fashion.

SBC: How does Orbit support player acquisition and retention?

With CPA costs getting higher in the different markets the Orbit platform is set to maximize the acquisition conversion and to power up the retention capabilities to increase Player Life Time Value. To facilitate this, we provide very granular segmentation that helps us execute personalized CRM campaigns based on customer preferences and profiles throughout the lifetime journey. 

With a wide array of cross-product gamification tools, our partners have numerous options to engage with their players through tournaments, missions and more.  In short, Orbit enables operators to acquire new customers and retain existing ones for longer. 

SBC: How flexible is Orbit in different markets and legislations?

As part of our global expansion, we’ve been working tirelessly to acquire licenses and certifications across different markets and have been seeing great success. Our Sportsbook, Casino and the Orbit platform is fully operational in Romania, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, MGA and other markets. We also plan to enter five more markets this year. 

SBC: What should operators look for in their PAM?

As B2C competition increases, the demand for a solid PAM becomes more critical than ever. Orbit excels at accommodating each function and role in the organization, including powerful fraud management, compliance-related functionalities like automated KYC, player management, flexible and robust gamification tools, payment methods, payout, and many more. 

I would say that operators need to seek platform providers that offer more than just the basics, but instead offer competitive edges that will carry them for years to come. 

SBC: How has orbit evolved over the last few years?

Like the rest of our proprietary tech, Orbit has shifted alongside the market paradigms and demand. Over the last few years, we have pushed to have more sophisticated personalization features, including geolocation to ensure that operators and their players are enjoying a more precise experience across the ecosystem. And, of course, we are constantly refining many other features including the UX for easier interactions. 

SBC: What is unique about orbit that is not offered by other platforms?

The Orbit platform has the right ingredients to allow our partners to grow. Its unified interface makes it easy to maintain all aspects of the day-to-day operation. Orbit supports all our solutions including our signature Plug & Play Sportsbook iFrame, a complete DIY turnkey solution and white-label with full managed services.

What makes Orbit unique is that it is a modern solution that harnesses all new technology, market and compliance needs. It offers partners to offer unique features and tools and to compete successfully in the competitive markets. For example, there many personalized content and services, and cross-product gamification like tournaments, missions and more. Intelligent personalization allows partners to offer a higher level of betting experience and effective retention of their players through content and services based on betting activities, geolocation, personal and recommended content, and more. 

Another element is the market availability that allows partners to expand globally to various regulated markets, powered by fully compliant Sportsbook, Casino and PAM products.

SBC: How has the client feedback been on Orbit? Does it inform development?

We are pleased to say that the feedback we are receiving from operators has been very positive. They are impressed by the flexibility and depth offered by the platform and are excited as to what it does for their player retention and acquisition goals. And, of course, their opinion means a great deal to us. Our ears are always open for constructive feedback so that we can build on what they enjoy and create new features according to their needs.

SBC: What does the future hold for Orbit?

We have plenty of killer features in the pipeline for Orbit, some of them on the player personalization aspects. However, we do plan on building out retention capabilities even further through the addition of more communication channels and related integrations. In today’s market, retention can be a serious challenge so we want our operators to be able to offer their players experiences that they can’t get anywhere else. As for the other updates, well, you’ll just have to wait and see!

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