Resilience and flexibility: How Betsson Group Affiliates is tackling ever-changing market dynamics

As more markets around the world are beginning to open up, it’s become increasingly important that betting and gaming companies are compliant with changing regulations. That was a key message from Sebastian Jarosch (pictured below), Head of Affiliates at Betsson Group Affiliates.

In conversation with SBC, Jarosch outlines some of Betsson Group Affiliates’ plans for 2022 before explaining how the company plans to become even closer to its affiliate partners and colleagues.

SBC: First of all, can you tell us a little bit about Betsson Group Affiliates? 

SJ: Betsson Group Affiliates (BGA) is the trusted online affiliate program of Betsson Group and was founded in 2005. The company is listed on Nasdaq with offices in 13 different locations and has been around for close to 60 years. 

Our vision is to be the affiliate program of choice around the world for online gaming, and we strive to provide our affiliates with the best service in the industry with dedicated affiliate managers and top converting brands. 

We really want to make our partnership worth it by offering very competitive commission rates tailored to your needs across all our popular products including casino, sportsbook, poker, and bingo. We have a great relationship with our affiliate partners and are proud to be rated as an affiliate friendly company by portals such as Affiliate Guard Dog and Casinomeister.

SBC: In your opinion, what is it that makes you stand out from the crowd?

SJ: We work closely with all departments at Betsson Group and support each other to provide our players with the best products and customer support in the industry, which our affiliates can benefit from with excellent conversion rates and increased player retention.

Our security and integrity in dealing with players and affiliates is second to none and it is our mission to make our partners successful by optimizing their performance with all the right marketing tools for the job and in-depth statistics. 

Betsson Group holds licenses in 19 regulated markets and operates 20 high profile brands across the globe. Our commission payments are always on time and are processed monthly to our affiliates’ payment method of choice.

We run special affiliate promotions in regular intervals and hand out gadgets and cash prizes to our top performers. We like to invite our partners to affiliate events when we meet at the conferences and also show our appreciation. Betsson Group is a very customer centric organisation, and this also reflects on the way we treat our affiliate partners.

SBC: As a global company, how do you decide which markets you prioritise? Are there any new markets which you have your eye on?  

SJ: When we look at new markets, we want to make sure that there is a demand and that the proper infrastructures are in place for online gambling. If a market is commercially viable then we ensure that the local laws allow us to offer our products to our customers. We often engage in M&A which enables us to obtain licenses and localisation for new markets. 

In 2022 our strategy will be all about expansion in LatAm and we are close to entering the US market too with our new Colorado license. 

SBC: A number of markets around the world are introducing legislation which may impact the way operators can work with affiliates. How has Betsson Group Affiliates navigated these regulation complexities?  

SJ: When a market regulates, the most important topic for us is compliance. We make sure that our affiliate channel and our affiliate partners are in line with local laws. Regulation usually involves increased taxes which means we have to pay a little more attention to ROI when we set up and review affiliate deals. 

We generally search for new traffic sources when a market opens up, an increased spend in marketing also helps us with brand building, which in return has a positive effect on conversion rates and also leads to improved positions with affiliates.

When a market regulates, it is sometimes connected with challenges in channelisation, restrictions on bonuses, or bets and deposit limits. We also see it as a new opportunity as operators such as Betsson Group are able to access multiple marketing channels and thus reach broader audiences. Regulation also means that customers will be able to play on safe platforms that are fully regulated in their country. 

SBC: We’re coming towards the end of 2021. What have you learned from this year that you will take into 2022?

SJ: We have learned that despite the challenging times we can still be successful by being resilient and flexible when confronted by shifting market situations and changing regulations. 

We have gone through the pandemic, and we have adjusted by working from home and taking a more digital approach when communicating with our affiliate partners. We have seen the return of sports betting with high profile events and an easing of covid restrictions, we have finally met our partners again at affiliate conferences and dinners. 

The second half of 2021 has seen us returning back to some level of normality and we hope that 2022 will bring us even closer to our affiliate partners and colleagues.

SBC: What lies ahead for Betsson Group Affiliates in the next 12 months? And can you give us a sneak peak of any announcements? 

SJ: We will focus on making our affiliate program even better and user friendlier with new tools and ways of communicating with our partners. 

We aim to provide our affiliates with an impeccable user experience and customer satisfaction by giving them the best affiliate support in the industry and providing them with great games, features, reporting and tools to optimise their commissions. 

As an operator, in 2022, Betsson Group will work towards acquiring more licenses and entering new markets. As BGA, we want our affiliate partners to be on this journey with us and be a part of our success.

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