Slovakia to upgrade gambling advertising rules

The Office of Gambling Regulation of Slovakia has announced that it will publish a ‘Concept of Responsible Advertising‘ document that aims to drastically improve gambling advertising standards across all media disciplines. 

 The document seeks to inform licensed operators and media entities of acceptable standards with regards to the advertising of gambling products/services to Slovak consumers.

Operators and media stakeholders have been instructed to follow the document as the “starting point for the introduction of new self-regulatory and control mechanisms.”

New advertising guidelines are required to strengthen the Slovak government’s regulatory objectives in relation to gambling, to ensure a safe marketplace for national consumers, to prevent crime and maintain public safety against gambling disorders.

In 2019, the ‘Slovak Gambling Act’ was amended to follow European Commission rules on market competition, that resulted in online casino and poker being withdrawn from the monopoly domain of state-owned operator TIPOs.  

The Office of Gambling Regulation was established as the market’s new licensing and regulatory authority, in which incumbents are required to have a domiciled business in Slovakia.

“It is socially desirable that Slovak gambling advertising has clear standards and responsible content,” said Director General of Slovak Gambling David Lenčéš. “That is why we are coming up with the Concept of Responsible Advertising. 

“This initiative of our office consists in opening a professional partnership discussion. It is mainly about the intensity, focus and content of advertising.”

The Office has outlined that it will require feedback on practical comments from industry association representatives, gambling operators and third-party entities.

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