SOFTSWISS Anti-fraud Team collects ICA Certification

The Managed Services Anti-Fraud team at SOFTSWISS has obtained the International Compliance Association (ICA) certification for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

The certification, said SOFTSWISS, will help it to increase the level of support it provides for its partners by building up expertise in the field of KYC procedures and applying the acquired knowledge in practice. 

The certification course helped upskill the Anti-Fraud team’s professionals. The team built on top of its knowledge in performing customer background security checks. 

The results of the course are bound to increase objectivity in terms of operator/player conflict resolution. Furthermore, the training course will also benefit overall case resolution time by streamlining existing KYC processes.

Anastasia Vyshinskaia, Anti-Fraud Team Lead, said: “Our team is always eager to learn and this time we’re excited to announce that two of Anti-Fraud team members graduated from the course in KYC and CDD. 

“Similar to the whole SOFTSWISS brand, our team is striving for excellence in all services, from investigating abusive behaviour to recognising and detecting suspicious player activity and cases of identity thefts.”

The ICA certification is globally recognised and is a standard of competence in the field of financial and identity theft crimes.

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