Sportradar Integrity Services monitors betting-related corruption with Athletes Unlimited

Sportradar Integrity Services has revealed a multi-year integrity services agreement with Athletes Unlimited to protect its competitions from match-fixing and betting-related corruption.

As a supplier of sports integrity solutions and a division of Sportradar, Sportradar Integrity Services stated that the partnership was secured as part of a ‘competitive selection process’, which expands the group’s position in North American sports.

Jill Exley, Integrity Partnerships Director, North America at Sportradar, commented: “By choosing Sportradar as its integrity partner, Athletes Unlimited is taking a critical and proactive step in safeguarding its brand and business, as its competitions continue to grow and attract more interest from fans.”

Activations that will be put in place to uphold integrity within the sport include: Bet monitoring and reporting via its UFDS, education and prevention services, conducting an integrity audit and engaging its intelligence and investigation services to assist investigations into any potential integrity threats.

Moreover, the collaboration also adds to Sportradar’s portfolio of women’s sports events covered through its partnerships which already include basketball, soccer, tennis and golf competitions.

“We look forward to supporting them with our industry-leading integrity products and services and being a part of their exciting journey as they revolutionise how women’s professional sports are organised and experienced by fans,” Exley added.

Furthermore, the firm has stated that the new deal represents a ‘growing commitment to support the entire sports ecosystem’.

“We are thrilled to partner with global industry leader Sportradar as we continue to expand our betting platform for our fans. We are committed to building a legitimate and safe experience that will help us generate increased interest in our sports leagues while preserving the integrity of our play,” concluded Nicole Pawlak, Senior Director of Special Projects, Athletes Unlimited.

Last year, the service detected 900 cases of suspicious matches across global sports, and stated that over 6,900 suspicious matches have been witnessed across the past 17 years.

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