Stats Perform launch to offer endless sportsbook customisation options

Sports data and analytics provider Stats Perform will host its biggest launch event of the year next week, showcasing five major new products designed to ‘Light Up Your Sportsbook in 2022’. 

The big reveal will take place live online on Wednesday 2 March and can be watched by registering at

Presenting will be Andrew Ashenden, Stats Perform Chief Betting Officer; Nick Cockerill, VP Betting Products; and US Product Manager Bryan Shumway. Hosting duties fall to Stats Perform’s own celebrity stats man, Duncan Alexander, also known as one of the main voices behind OptaJoe which currently boasts 2m+ Twitter followers and Co-Editor of The Analyst. 

Detailed information about the products will be released after the event, with the firm’s exclusive Stateside reseller, Sports Content Co, sharing product details among licensed US sportsbooks.

Ashenden, while keen to keep specific product details under wraps, explained more about what customers can expect to see during the event. He said: “We’ve never launched a range of products before that have so much potential to transform so many critical sports betting experiences. 

“The event reflects the potential of the products to dramatically transform the ‘entertainment span’ of a bet. It’ll be inspirational and informative for sportsbook product teams, trading teams and marketing teams. 

“We set out to solve a number of endemic challenges for sportsbooks and bettors, and I really think we’ve built the tools to get there. There are plug-and-play products and highly flexible, easy-to-use API options.”

Andrew Ashenden – Stats Perform

According to Ashenden, In both cases, bettors will see immediate, material benefits across key areas of their sportsbook, including live streaming, bet builders, player stats betting, personalisation and more. 

“Sportsbooks who use Stats Perform’s embeddable Content Player will be able to start offering the new products within a matter of hours,” he added. “The API options offer endless opportunities for sportsbooks to create truly distinctive, customised experiences that will dramatically enrich betting as we know it.

“We’ll show many potential use cases in the event, but we know we’re scratching the surface of what’s achievable once our customers get their hands on the new tools.” 

Outlining the benefits to next week’s target audience, Ashenden stated: “In the first instance, our new products are aimed at enhancing the value to bettors and sportsbooks of live streaming, same-game multis/bet builders, player stats betting, marketing and the 90% of the sports betting experience that lacks enough relevant, contextual information for bettors. 

“However really there is no limit to where and how the new products can be used, and that’s what we pride ourselves on. As a business we have a unique focus on data and video content innovation and unleashing the power of that content through AI in order to enable our customers to push boundaries and change the landscape. 

“When you add to that the fact that we own the only globally famous and trusted sports stats brand there really is no limit to what can be achieved.”

Concluding, he noted: “We’ve had a deluge of registrations since announcing the event last week and we can’t wait to unveil our plans and engage with our regulated sportsbook partners to power a new future for betting entertainment.”

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