Stats Perform provides enhanced Opta data to Polish football

Stats Perform is continuing its official data partnership with the top-flight professional football league in Poland, PKO BP Ekstraklasa.

The data and AI technology company will give the league access to its Opta data, which will be collected and managed exclusively by Stats Perform operators. 

It includes access to live feeds from every match, enabling their media departments to provide real-time insights across broadcast and digital platforms, in a bid to ‘drive key storylines’ and enhance fan engagement across Polish domestic football.

Alex Rice, Stats Perform Chief Rights Officer, said: “Stats Perform is delighted to have PKO BP Ekstraklasa as part of our European league partners. We are passionate about helping leagues deliver new and innovative ways of telling the stories that matter, through the intelligent application of world-class Opta data. 

“We are also pleased to be able to provide additional Pro support to every Polish top-flight team through ProPortal, which provides their technical staff with another source of live data to identify trends and influence their in-game decision making. I am looking forward to working closely with the league and its stakeholders throughout the 2022-23 campaign.”  

The scope of the league’s use of Opta data is said to be ‘expanding significantly’ during 2022-23, as it will be powering the league’s fan engagement tools such as its mobile app, website and the LOTTO Fantasy Ekstraklasa game.

The collaboration also sees the firms sharing data insights with fans via PKO BP Ekstraklasa’s social media handle.

“We are fully aware that today’s fans need professional data on their favourite games,” added Marcin Animucki, President of Ekstraklasa SA. “They think about them in between their team’s games while analysing their rivals and evaluating transfers in real time. 

“We also perfectly understand the need of journalists who use our statistics while analysing meetings. Thus, we provide world-class tools for analysing and tracking PKO BP Ekstraklasa games. This is an important part of our strategy to develop the league in the digital area.”

The partnership enables coaching staff working across all 18 PKO BP teams to benefit from access to ProPortal, Stats Perform’s live-in game performance insights tool.

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