Technamin: Adding a sportsbook platform just ‘makes sense’ for casino operators

Casino operators can extend the reach of their content to new audiences by adding a sportsbook platform to their portfolio, Technamin CEO Suren Khatchatryan told SBC.

Speaking ahead of ICE, the CEO shed some light on why a tailored platform is integral to the overall betting experience before highlighting his reasons why now is the perfect time for casino operators to integrate a sports betting platform.

Khatchatryan began by discussing some of the stand-out features available on the Technamin platform, and how its sportsbook can be fully customised “to each partner’s liking”.

He said: “Technamin always strives to create products that cater to as many needs as possible, and our sportsbook is no different. We offer a variety of features, such as flexible limit systems, odds, professional client and risk management, 24/7 customer support and a large number of bonus options.

“Our sportsbook covers more than 80 sports, including popular esports. Despite the fact that we cover various local and global events, we also offer a wide range of markets which gives an exceptional opportunity to our customers in making decisions that best suit their needs. Moreover, they are able to follow the development of their favourite matches through our streaming.”

By taking an individual approach to partnerships, rather than deploying a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, the Technamin CEO explained that the range of features on its sportsbook platform means that its clients can create a more interactive experience for players while also ensuring that safer gambling remains a top priority.

Khatchatryan continued: “We approach each of our clients as individuals, making sure to understand their specific needs correctly and not only catering to those needs, but also providing information and consultation along the way. Another feature that is a hit with our clients is the fact that Technamin’s sportsbook can be fully customised to each partner’s liking.

“This includes skinning, design, payment methods and much more. Our main goal is to create the balance between interactive experience and safe betting. Therefore, we offer a vast number of free bets and other bonuses, meanwhile maintaining all the tools for responsible gaming.”

So how can adding a sportsbook platform benefit online casino operators, you might ask. For the CEO, the addition of a sports betting vertical can support operators’ endeavours to expand and diversify their audiences.

He warned, however, that companies must carefully consider the differences between sports betting audiences and online casino bettors before they make the decision to integrate a sportsbook into their offering.

“Adding a sportsbook to your online casino website is a great way to expand and diversify your audience. Sports betting has been popular since ancient Greece, so it makes sense to leverage it for your business!

“Additionally, let’s not forget about esports that are exclusively built for the online marketplace. They are now as popular as traditional sports, and adding them to your sportsbook means, again, new customers and in turn, more revenue. Igaming is all about offering high levels of variety to customers who would otherwise be limited in terms of their options outside of the online sphere.

“It’s worth noting that unlike casino games, sports betting requires the bettor to engage their personal opinions and analytical skills in order to make predictions on local and global events. This serves to add human intelligence to luck and allows the operator to engage on a different level with a wider demographic of people through its marketing.”

To meet the growing demand for sportsbook products from operators, Technamin provides a consulting service to make sure that it remains in constant communication with its partners. This, Khatchatryan believes, helps the company to better understand the wants and needs of its clients.

He continued: “At Technamin, we do not simply offer our sportsbook as a product. It’s important for us that our sportsbook’s operation is smooth and balanced, which is why we provide consulting and open discussions with all of our partners.

“Through keeping constant communication, we are able to understand their needs and expand our sportsbook accordingly. After all, the operators we work with are reflective of the industry and the demands that come with it, which provides us with feedback as to what features need to be added to our sportsbook.”

“We also try to have a large collection of sports in our sportsbook that bettors can choose from. This also includes esports and fantasy sports, making our sportsbook much more flexible and therefore more attractive to customers.

“We make sure that a bettor’s journey through our sportsbook is a memorable one. The abundant number of sports, matches and markets meet everyone’s expectations.”

The overall structure of Technamin, Khatchatryan said, also means that its sportsbook platform can be integrated into a casino operator’s offering relatively easily, with “almost zero downtime”.

“Aside from catering to the bettors’ needs, we also cater to operator needs by allowing our sportsbook to be fully customisable to each operator’s specifications,” he explained. “This gives them a unique look and therefore a competitive advantage in the market they operate in.

“These, combined with more than 40,000 matches and more than 35,000 pre-match matches we cover in up to 1,500 markets make our sportsbook attractive to both operators and bettors. We’ve also received positive feedback regarding our flexible bonus system, special live trading tools and 24/7 support.

“Because of how Technamin is structured, our sportsbook can be integrated super fast and with almost zero downtime, which is a feature that operators highly appreciate and prefer in the fast-paced world of igaming where everyone is trying to catch up.”

Talk soon turned towards the upcoming World Cup in Qatar and, unsurprisingly, Technamin predicted that there will be an increase in demand for sports betting products.

But when pressed on what new features we might expect from the firm in the run up to the tournament, Khatchatryan was keeping his card very close to his chest.

He shared: “I can only imagine the excitement that is brewing for this year’s World Cup, and I expect that the Technamin team will be quite busy when the season arrives. Of course, we are preparing ahead of time and have come up with features to keep the World Cup season as interactive as possible.

“However, in an effort to not spoil any of the surprises, we are keeping our cards close to the chest on this one. Needless to say, we’ve got exciting things planned. So follow Technamin on our social media platforms to get snippets of what we are preparing.”

Rounding off the discussion, the Technamin CEO believes that it may be slightly too soon to make any solid predictions on who we might see lifting the Jules Rimet Trophy.

Khatchatryan concluded: “As there is still a long way to go until we reach the actual World Cup, it’s still pretty early to make any solid predictions about the games. We are, however, already working on providing a well-developed platform where bettors can easily access a wide range of markets.

“I can also say that our further predictions will be performed in the form of odds. Nevertheless, it’s great to see the excitement bubbling for an event as long-awaited as the World Cup and we are buckling up for the ride.”

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