Triggy teams up with Better Collective for live-score app launch

Triggy has secured a new partnership with Better Collective which will see the duo provide mobile apps across a range of markets. 

The first app to be launched via the collaboration with Better Collective is a standalone native live-score app that connects live-score, sports statistics and user insights – all of which will help drive user engagement.

“We are truly excited to offer our native live score app together with Better Collective,” said Martina Åkerlund, CEO of Triggy. 

“Our innovative products in combination with Better Collective’s media brand and marketing expertise feels like the perfect match to drive engagement.”

The duo will utilise Triggy’s personalised, relevant push notifications alongside a range of sports content and marketing material from Better Collective to tap into new demographics of players. 

Gavin Moore, Senior Director – Group Acquisition Marketing at Better Collective, added: “We are pleased to partner with Triggy to add an additional layer, which will improve our mobile based products offering. 

“The agreement will give us access to their tech, and deliver real time, event-based, contextual data insights to our user base of sports fans.”

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