Wazdan: why innovation in igaming doesn’t have to mean revolution

The emergence of cutting-edge technologies has always shaped the landscape of the igaming industry, promising to take frontrunners to the next level and leave those too slow to adjust, according to Wazdan.

We’ve seen businesses utilise AI-led technology, VR, blockchain, and now the Metaverse in many ways that help them stand out from competitors. However, with some of these technologies still in their infancy, it remains to be seen if they can be used to tap into broader audiences around the world.

Operators across the globe should be receptive to innovations and change, but they should be mindful of how said innovations can engage players and improve their experience. At Wazdan, we are ardent believers in the need for constant innovation and staying ahead of the curve. However, as a supplier, this does not need to be through pioneering new technologies.

Over a decade, we have provided out-of-the-box innovation, passion for games, and reliability to players worldwide. However, our most significant wins are thanks to our ability to give players complete control over their experiences rather than utilising the latest igaming trends.

With hundreds of games released each month and thousands already in existence, it is essential to focus on quality content that stands out and outperforms competitors’ games. Our mantra of “quality over quantity” allows us to remain consistently proud of the games we produce, with our monthly releases providing innovative features, immersive themes, and superb visuals.

Customers are Wazdan’s number one priority, which drives us to deliver some of the best graphics and concepts in the industry. Audiences are always on the lookout for new experiences and the next thrill, and giving them what they want is essential to keep them coming back.

Inventive experiences that facilitate modern preferences

We work round the clock to provide our customers with fresh gaming experiences, with every new title offering unique maths models, varied reel arrays, and various exciting ways to win. Our Hold the Jackpot collection is a testament to this, taking the industry by storm by delivering a unique version of the mechanic in each title that it stars in so that players can enjoy diverse playing experiences.

One of the titles belonging to the collection is Power of Gods: Hades, which has recently received nominations for several honours, including the EGR North America Awards, CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards, and the AskGamblers Awards. The superbly designed game takes players on a visual journey as they cross the river Styx and enter the underworld, which also holds the thrilling Hold the Jackpot bonus round and Cascading Reels for extra winning potential.

Wazdan’s latest Hold the Jackpot creation, Magic Spins, is also proven to engage players with its advanced mechanics and bonus features, including the recently launched Collect to Infinity mechanism, allowing players to collect cash prizes throughout the bonus round. This innovative feature increases players’ engagement and drives revenue growth for our partners.

Furthermore, our upcoming release, 9 Coins, will introduce new Cash Infinity symbols, which stick to the reels until the Hold the Jackpot bonus game is triggered, engaging players for longer and increasing game session length.

Freedom of choice in every aspect

Customisation tools also play a crucial role for suppliers looking to differentiate from competitors. By assisting the creation of flexible experiences and placing the user’s experience at the center of its values, the industry has continued growing steadily, year on year, without tapping into every new technology or trend that appears on the market.

Wazdan’s titles allow players to choose a variable volatility and speed level and other intuitive customisation tools, ensuring that each game can be catered to their specific needs and preferences. Players can quickly choose from three Volatility Levels, allowing them to modify the size and frequency of their wins, with high volatility bringing bigger wins but less often and low volatility ushering in more frequent, smaller wins.

We recently expanded the Volatility Levels offering to allow casino managers to choose a default level for their players. This widespread control can provide significant value for VIP managers or specific promotions for partners.

More than just mobile-ready slots

The demand for mobile gaming has grown considerably over the past decade and is always on the rise. Focusing on creating content optimised for mobile rather than desktop devices is critical to suppliers as it allows them to attract new generations of players and their modern requirements.

Our dedication to producing immersive, on-the-go gaming experiences on all devices is evident across our entire portfolio. We provide our players with a collection of customisable features that work with any device, allowing mobile users to utilise our proprietary Volatility Levels tool and other special features like Energy Saving Mode, which enables players to extend the life of their device battery by 40%.

We have devised unique and captivating games since 2010 and will continue to strive to bring as much innovation as possible to the igaming sphere over the coming years. The proof is in the pudding, with games like Magic Spins and the upcoming 9 Coins offering new innovative features, giving Wazdan plenty to shout about as we continue to trawl through a busy igaming calendar.

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