William Hill receives EBM Award for flexible working strategy

William Hill has received an Employee Business Magazine (EBM) Award for ‘Best Employee Experience’, in recognition of the flexible working policy it enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company’s employment policy focuses on three areas – Belonging – the promotion of diversity, Building – concerning talent development; and Balance – the implementation of a ‘hybrid working environment.

To inform the development of this policy, the operator initiated an employee feedback programme entitled ‘The Big Conversation’, influencing the operator’s decision to allow its office employees to work from home up to 80% of the time, enabling colleagues to choose what days they attend physical workplaces.

“Many companies have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many still have adapted hybrid or flexible working practices as a result,” the judges said in a joint statement. 

“But William Hill went one step further. Instead of simply letting flexible working happen, it undertook comprehensive research into what its employees wanted and expected out of the company.”

Speaking to SBC News in July, William Hill’s Chief People Officer, Mark Skinner, explained the rationale behind the Balance Project. In particular, the CPO highlighted the company’s aim to create a safe working environment whilst ensuring employees still feel ‘connected to the organisation’.

Additionally, he noted that the policy has been well received by younger employees, many of whom lacked adequate space in their own homes to conduct remote working.

Commenting on the firm’s receipt of an EBM Award, a William Hill statement read: “‘The big conversation’ to better understand both office-based and shop-based employees and their thoughts on work-life balance, corporate culture and productivity. 

“The ‘balance, we all need it’ positioning has built a high trust culture that has empowered people to work in the way that suits them best. The change strategy taking place in the midst of an incredible challenge is a bold, brave move from William Hill.”

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