Willows launches ESG Gaming to tackle future safer gambling challenges  

Lee Willows, Founder and former Chief Executive of the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM), has announced the launch of his new non-profit-venture ESG Gaming. 

Partnering with Gibraltar-based safer gambling consultancy Better Change, Willows has launched ESG Gaming to better prepare stakeholders to counter the industry’s future and emerging safer gambling challenges.

Providing a prospectus, Willows and Better Change Co-Founder Vicki Reed outlined that ESG Gaming will take an “evidence-led approach in delivering purposeful safer gambling research”.

Focusing on new challenges, ESG Gaming aims to establish a safe metaverse for esports audiences, players, businesses and brands engaging in the emerging tech discipline.

The non-profit’s final objective is to “train and inspire 21–30-year-olds who are furthest away from the labour market to consider and kick-start a career within the gambling sector”.

ESG Gaming began engaging with industry operators and further stakeholders to help diversify safer gambling training and expand upon existing research methodologies.

Willows founded YGAM in 2014, and would establish the charity as the lead provider of problem-gambling education support and resources used by UK schools and academic institutions.  

Succeeded by Dr Jane Rigby, Willows left YGAM at the of 2021 to focus on new education and research projects within the global gambling sector.

Posting on LinkedIn,  Willows remarked on ESG Gaming developments –  “I have chosen to remain in the gambling/gaming space and am establishing ESG Gaming & Esports Community where we will have a focus (i) esports; (ii) igaming careers and (iii) safer-gambling research. “ 

“Proud to say we are working alongside the talented Victoria Reed and David Richardson’s Better Change,  in this new, not-for-profit venture. Here is a taster of what we are seeking to achieve. 

“I hope to continue my learning alongside my studies and continue to use my lived experience in a humble and gracious way. Thank you everybody for all your support.”

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