YGAM teams up with GAMSTOP and RecoverMe to embark on university tour

YGAM, The Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust has embarked on its Gambling Support University Tour in partnership with safer gambling counterparts GAMSTOP and RecoverMe. 

The Tour will see teams from the three organisations visit university campuses across the UK, to engage students and university staff on wide-ranging issues related to gambling harms.

Of significance, the tour will train university support services and student unions with knowledge, skills and confidence to identify signs of gambling-related harms and also signpost students who may be struggling.

This January, YGAM and national self-exclusion helpline GAMSTOP, announced the intended launch of a campus tour following the publication of a joint-commissoned survey revealing insights into university students gambling habits and spending.

The charities stated concerns as the survey’s feedback identified that ‘80% of students had gambled’, whilst  ‘41% of participants admitted that gambling had a negative experience on their university experience’ including missing lectures, assignment deadlines and social activities.  

“Students are a key group for us, and the recent survey findings reiterate the importance of educating our young adults on the risks and harms associated with gambling,” remarked Jimmy Parkin, University and Student Engagement at YGAM.

“This university tour is the first of its kind. We hope by collaborating with GAMSTOP and RecoverMe, we can utilise our knowledge and services to ensure students have access to the information, resources and support they need to enjoy a university experience free from gambling-related harms.” 

The tour will kick off this month with visits planned to university campuses in Birmingham, Exeter and Plymouth.

Each visit will see the trio of organisers have a visible presence on campus raising awareness of gambling harms and providing direct information to students seeking support.

YGAM has previously underlined the importance of maintaining a direct engagement with students on gambling harms by  educating young people of gambling risks in their most formative years.

Katie Reynolds-Jones, Head of Marketing and Communications at GAMSTOP said, “Over 58% of those signing up to GAMSTOP are between the ages of 18 and 34; it is therefore important that we understand students and ensure that we are reaching them effectively.

“Students need to be aware of the free tools and support available to them, and we are delighted to be taking part in this important initiative.”

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