YouGov outlines marketshare opportunity in understanding women’s gambling motivations

YouGov has outlined the opportunity for UK online operators to gain market share of female gamblers by better understanding their consumer habits and motivations.

Publishing insights of its ‘What draws British women to online betting and what deters them?’ study – YouGov reveals distinct choices and motivations between British male and female real-money gamblers.

The public opinion researcher cites a plurality of 36% of male and female gamblers who chose to gamble because it is a ‘fun thing to do’. Overall figures noted that 1-in-5 (20%) male/female gamblers stated that they can ‘fantasize about winning’, with 15% disclosing that they ‘play to win big’.  

However, pluralities are broken as YouGov drills down further feedback examining female gamblers choices and participation in gambling.

As anticipated, only 7% of women surveyed stated that they bet online to ‘enhance the experience of what they’re betting on’, an expected outcome since men bet more on sports.

Yet, distinctly only 1% of women responded that they bet online ‘in order to demonstrate skill’ as opposed to 6% of men.

Reflecting on motivations, 46% of women (48% of men) stated that they could not outline a particular reason for gambling – feedback which suggested that a right marketing message could appeal to the demographic.

Meanwhile, 19% of female respondents who stated that they had not participated in gambling in the past 12-months, specified that the activity simply hadn’t occurred to them.

YouGov’s study outlined notable differences between women and men when comparing general gambling beliefs and attitudes – as 45% of British women feel that online gambling should not be allowed, in comparison to 39% of men.

Further feedback cited that women were much less likely to talk about gambling with friends and family (20% men vs. 12% of women).

Concluding its findings, YouGov remarked that its online gambling research was set against a ‘considerable online divide’ as a third of British men (33%) had gambled online during the past 12-months, well above the estimated 24% figure for women.

“Coupling this result with data around barriers, well-crafted marketing initiatives could help increase the female consumer base to achieve gender parity in the online gambling space.” YouGov concluded.

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