Key Functions and Directors now viewable on Portal through ‘Company Details’

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance transparency and accessibility, we would like to remind all licensees that the list of approved Key Functions and Directors can be viewed from the ‘Company Details’ menu item, on the Authority’s official Licensee Portal. The ‘Company Details’ can be accessed by clicking on the licensee’s name at the top right hand corner of the Portal, after successfully logging in using the Portal’s credentials.

Ensuring that the Key Roles list is comprehensive and up-to-date is important to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Should any director roles or key roles be missing or incomplete, the licensee is required to contact the Authority on [email protected] to obtain more information on how to rectify the issue. Any new roles can be added by following the Key Function/Director Applications guidance note.

The MGA has no connection with Cancellation of Authorisation for BTM Entertainment Group Limited (C-73982)

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