MGA issues reminder to licensees in relation to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar taking place between Sunday 20 November 2022 to Sunday 18 December 2022, licensees may experience an increase in betting activity. In this regard, the Malta Gaming Authority (‘Authority’) would like to remind MGA licensees (‘licensees’) offering sports betting of their obligations in relation to suspicious bets recorded on their platforms, as per regulation 43 of the Gaming Authorisations and Compliance Directive (Directive 3 of 2018).

Furthermore, the Authority would also like to remind licensees that during this period it may be the case that the Authority communicates alerts or requests for information on events of interest that would potentially require an additional review from a sports betting integrity perspective. More information regarding the Suspicious Betting Reporting Requirements, and any other obligations thereof, can be found in the Guidance Paper on the Suspicious Betting Reporting Requirements & Other Sports Integrity Matters.

The Authority further reminds licensees and third parties acting on their behalf that they are required to adhere to the requirements established in the Commercial Communications Regulations (S.L. 583.09), particularly that any form of advertisement must be socially responsible and, inter alia, must not target or cause harm to minors and vulnerable persons, in a direct or indirect manner.

The Authority urges its licensees to remain compliant with the Commercial Communications Regulations, to communicate this information to any affiliates and remain vigilant and ensure that their brands are not being promoted in an unethical and socially irresponsible manner.

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