The MLRO in the Gaming Industry Conference

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), with the participation of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU), hosted a conference titled The MLRO in The Gaming Sector.

The objective of this conference was to further engage with the industry and provide guidance to prospective MLROs by elaborating on the authorisation process and eligibility criteria to hold this function. Existing MLROs benefited from this conference by learning more about best practices when submitting STRs.

The conference featured 4 presentations:

In the first presentation, Mr James Baldacchino – Head of Legal and Enforcement at the MGA provided an overview of the legislative instrument which governs the Key AML and the MLRO functions from a gaming perspective.

Christabel Calleja, Head of Authorisations at the MGA gave an outline of the key functions, especially the key AML function. She also delved deeper into the application process.

Subsequently, Rachel Bezzina – Senior Executive within the Anti-Money Laundering function at the Malta Gaming Authority explained in detail the MLRO interview that is held by the AML unit within the MGA for prospective MLRO applicants.

The FIAU also delivered a presentation during this conference. Luke Baldacchino – Intelligence Analyst, discussed some common issues faced by gaming companies when submitting a report through the GOAML platform.

The event’s last session included a panel where the audience had the opportunity to ask questions that are pertinent to the MLRO function and the hurdles that operators face in this regard.

Antonio Abdilla Zerafa, Head of the Financial Crime Compliance within the MGA commented that “This conference was another opportunity to meet subject persons and discuss key components that are innate with the appropriate implementation of their AML/CFT obligations. It also bore testament to the MGA’s and FIAU’s commitment to communicate with key stakeholders and ensure an environment of dialogue, cooperation, and partnership.”

A recording of the event will be made available on the MGA’s digital channels in the following days.

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