ANJ granted new powers to IP-block unlicensed websites

L’Autorite Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), France’s unified gambling regulator, has been given government approval to directly order IP blocks on unlicensed betting/gaming websites.  

On 2 March the French government approved amendments to the “Law to Democratise Sport” that granted new regulatory powers to the ANJ to clamp down on unlicensed remote gambling activities.

Amendments will allow the ANJ to order French internet service providers (ISPs) to impose website blocks on unlicensed websites, regardless of whether or not they are deemed to have targeted French consumers.

Last year the ANJ black-listed over 281 domain names, owned by 125 unlicensed operators, while appealing to be granted more powers by the French government.

It has previously outlined combatting the black market as a key objective of its 2022 regulatory agenda.

Of significance, the ANJ disclosed that it would shortly be publishing its ‘new cooperation strategy’ to combat France’s illegal gambling offering.  

Beyond IP blocks, the regulator aims to establish a working relationship with French media firms and US digital platforms (search engine, social media networks) to immediately terminate the presence of any illegal website.  

2022 has seen the ANJ advance its regulatory agenda, as last month the regulatory agency published its ‘new rulebook on advertising standards and vulnerable audiences protections.

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