B90 Holdings signs regional facing deal with Nordic Group

B90 Holdings has signed a LatAm and Nordic facing affiliate marketing agreement with Nordic Group, with the aim of strengthening its own presence within both regions.

The deal will enable B90 to promote its sports betting and online casino services across various jurisdictions, covering all current and future Bet90 brands and subsidiaries.

Nordic will commence all promotional activities immediately, whilst receiving an initial affiliate fee of €150,000, settled in ordinary shares on 30 November 2021. 

Issue of the new ordinary shares is conditional on Nordic generating a minimum of €75,000 in new revenue for the company by November 30 2021, with the option to amend the agreement and the number of new shares to be issued if the minimum criteria is not met.

Paul Duffen, Executive Chairman at B90, remarked: “As previously stated our strategy is to build our brand, customer and ultimately revenue base into new geographies, using a mix of both affiliates and direct marketing Nordic is a great affiliate partner for us in these territories, given it has an excellent established network. 

“The agreement has been structured to mitigate risk and preserve initial cash outlay, whilst maximising potential future cash generation for the company and incentivising the affiliate. We look forward to working with Nordic across our on-line real estate to enter into new and profitable markets.”

Following the conclusion of the payments arrangement, the agreement will revert to a typical affiliate deal with payment based on the amount of traffic and new customer revenue generated from Nordic’s network.

Håvard Lehn, CMO of Nordic Group, said: “By partnering with Bet90 we are following our business development strategy. We know that our traffic will be a perfect match for this partner and the incentives to send traffic are there for us to prioritise their brands. We are enthusiastic to become shareholders in B90 Holdings plc.”

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