Danish gambling abides by new advertising complaints board 

Strengthening the ‘code-of-conduct on advertising’, Danish operators have launched ‘Spilreklamenævnet’ – an independently managed complaints board monitoring gambling advertising and media. 

The founding of Spilreklamenævnet forms part of planned advertising directives for  Danish Gambling announced in 2018 – that saw regulated incumbents pledge to observe new binding code-of-conduct protections on gambling advertising.    

The complaints board will be managed by Danish professional services organisation HORESTA, providing a direct gambling complaints service for audiences in the country across all media.

Spilreklamenævnet duties and management will be observed by a five-member board led by Copenhagen City Court Judge Jacob Scherfig.  

Danish incumbents will be represented on the Spilreklamenævnet board by Danske Spil Legal Counsel Kate Jacquerot and Morten Rønde, Director of Danish responsible gaming organisation Spillebranchen. 

Rønde confirmed that all Spillebranchen members had agreed to their advertising campaigns being monitored by Spilreklamenævnet.

“I am pleased that the constitution and the formal establishment of the Gambling Advertising Board are now finally in place,” Rønde remarked.

“With the Gambling Advertising Board, we have an effective “watchdog”, which must help to ensure and maintain a responsible and ethical marketing of gambling.”

Code-of-conduct changes introduced in 2018 saw all Danish licensed operators display underage and problem gambling warnings across their advertising mediums. 

New rules further enforced that gambling TV adverts could not share the same advertising slots with payday loans and credit services. Meanwhile, all licensed operators should maintain the capabilities of switching off marketing campaigns instantly should they be deemed inappropriate.   

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